About Our Partners

kultivate brings experience, integrity and quality to every project, and we expect the same of our partners.  Working with outside agencies allows us to bring the right people for every job - we are not limited to who we have on staff.

3C Solutions

3C Solutions is the technology partner of kultivate.  3C Solutions provides custom software, network infrastructure, and desktop support and training.

Creative Sol

Creative Sol provides design and creative services to kultivate clients.

Falcon Valley Group

kultivate depends on the Falcon Valley Group when a client's public relations demands a national perspective from a seasoned professional.


kultivate partners with the PA Association of Nonprofits (PANO) to offer their Standards for Excellence program.  Kristine Parkes, CFRE is a trained and approved consultant for the Standards program, working with nonprofits pursuing accreditation.

Bee Bergvall & Co.

kultivate depends on the certified public accountants at Bee Bergvall & Co., who specialize in the needs of nonprofit clients.  From performing annual audits to assisting with obtaining bank financing and much more, Bee Bergvall & Co. offers a full range of accounting-related services at very competitive rates.


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